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Will you go out with me again?


By taking it one step further and choosing to invite him in with the family she knows he too adores, Emma solidifies just how close she feels to him — she showcases that Killian’s place in her life is much greater than dinner and a kiss goodnight. He’s family and his presence is always desired. Emma’s choice to accept his offer on a second date with a kiss is what again illuminates the feelings that are deep within — the ones words could never do justice. [x]

My love, you don’t have to worry about me.



cs icons [4x02]


hello lovelies! here are some tumblr icons from the episode tonight. i’ll be making more sometime this week that are 100x100, when i can get higher quality screencaps, but for now enjoy these! feel free to use any, just like or reblog the post if you do!


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Whatever we become, it’s up to her as much as me